Our second online PEASS course (5 week duration)

After the current successes of starting our first online 10 -week PEASS  (Pre-sessional English and Academic Study Skills) course we have launched our second online PEASS course and welcomed – virtually – over 70 international students on our 5-week program, joining us from around the world!

This programme last for 5 weeks, so is more intensive due to the shorter duration than then 10-week programme.

We have already conducted the inductions for the PEASS students and they are working hard on their academic English and study skills, supported by our team of experienced tutors.

We look forward to welcoming students onto their full time programmes at the University of Lincoln.

Our first online 10 week PEASS course

On 20 July 2020, we launched our first-ever online PEASS (Pre-sessional English and Academic Study Skills) course and welcomed – virtually – 68 international students on our 10-week program, joining us from China, the United Arab Emirates and Thailand. The English Language Centre has extensive experience in running the PEASS courses on campus, but to deliver these online, our specialist course coordinators have significantly redesigned both the study materials and assessment protocol to adapt to this new learning environment.

Two weeks in, our PEASS students are working hard on their academic English and study skills, supported by our team of experienced tutors. In preparation for their studies at the University of Lincoln, our students are learning about the fundamentals of academic writing, practising reading authentic academic texts and listening to lecture-style talks and presentations on a variety of contemporary issues whilst learning how to communicate through seminar discussions and presentations. Delivery of the course is being supported by the very latest technology available at Lincoln, which is helping to keep everyone connected during their studies so that they can interact both with each other and with their tutors.

On 24 August we will welcome another group of students to our 5-week program, which will also be delivered online. Like the 10-week program, this is designed to prepare students for University life but will be a more intensive course. Our coordinators and tutors are already in the process of preparing to welcome this new cohort, and we can’t wait to get started!

Ricky celebrating 5 years at the University of Lincoln

Our team member Ricky has been working for the University of Lincoln for exactly 5 years today! We might be working from home at the moment, but we will definitely be celebrating when we return to work.

Originally he started in 2015  at the Lincoln International Business School where he helped support the international and home postgraduate students, he later used what he had learned to be an International Student Support Officer, working more closely with home and international students to increase their internationalisation and enhance the student experience.

Ricky is enjoying his new role with the English Language Centre, here he is now able to help support students to succeed across the entire campus working for a central department.