In-sessional Courses

Studying at university can be challenging. We can help you gain confidence in communicating effectively in your academic studies.

We also offer you opportunities to improve your social language skills, better understand British culture, and take the opportunity to meet other students from all over the world.


Our Courses

  • Free to students who:
    • are currently enrolled on a degree course at the University of Lincoln (EU and international) and
    • speak English as a second language
  • 6 – 8 lessons per course.
  • 1 hour 15 minutes – 2 hours tuition time per lesson.


How to register for In-sessional courses
Step 1 – Take the Lincoln English Language Assessment (LELA)
All students who wish to attend the In-sessional courses and workshops are required to take the Lincoln English Language Assessment (LELA).  Visit our LELA page for further information about the LELA.

On the day of your assessment, please go to the room stated in your email. Please note you must have completed your enrolment and collected your Student ID Card before you can take the assessment. You will be asked to show your Student ID card to the teacher before you take the assessment.

Step 2 – Check Your Results
Check the inbox of your student email account for your Individual Learning Plan (ILP). This will tell you the results of your assessment, provide course recommendations.  Your ILP is usually sent to you within 4 working days of taking the assessment.
Step 3 – Book your place on the courses/workshops
Before you can attend a course or workshop, you must request a place using our online booking system.  A list of available courses will be provided when course registration is open.  

Registration for Term 1 is now closed.  Registration for Term 2 (January 2019) will open in December.


Important Information

Absence NotificationClass SizeQuestions
We expect students to notify us in advance if they think they will be absent from a lesson.  If you think you will be absent from class, please email  In your email, you should provide:

– your full name

– your Student ID

– the name of the course

– the date and time of the lesson you are unable to attend.

If you are absent for 2 consecutive lessons without prior notice, your place may be cancelled.

Please note there must be a minimum number of student registrations for each class in order for us to run these courses. If there are not enough students registered courses may be cancelled.  Students who have registered will be informed if the course is not running.
If you have questions about the In-Sessional courses, please visit our In-Sessional Courses Questions & Answers page.