In-sessional Course Certificates – Questions & Answers

Students who attend the In-sessional courses can request a certificate to confirm their attendance. There are two different kinds of certificates: the Course Completion Certificate and the Certificate of Attendance.

Course Completion Certificate
A Course Completion Certificate is awarded to students who were present for all classes within a course. If a student has not been able to attend all classes, but has good reason for their absence they may still be eligible for a Course Completion certificate. The student must provide evidence to show why they were absent in order to be eligible for the certificate. Evidence may include: a doctor’s note or an email from their School about a compulsory class/event.
Certificate of Attendance
Students who were not able to attend all classes but would still like a certificate can request a Certificate of Attendance. This certificate will show how many classes have been attended. Please note, you must have attended a minimum of 50% of the course to get a Certificate of Attendance.


Frequently Asked Questions about Certificates

How do I request a certificate to confirm my attendance on the In-sessional English courses?
When will my certificate(s) be ready?
Where do I collect my certificate(s) from?

If you have a question about the In-sessional Course certificates that is not answered here, please email and we will help you.