Trips – Questions & Answers

The English Language Centre run trips to several different UK cities throughout the academic year.  We have lots of questions about our trips.  You can find answers to the most common questions below.


About the trips

Which cities do you travel to?
When is the next trip?
How much do the trips cost?
How do we get there?
How long are the trips?
How do I get a ticket for the trip?


Booking Issues

I booked a place on a trip but I didn't get my confirmation email - what should I do?
I clicked the link on Blackboard but I can't find the trip page on the University online store - why?
I missed the deadline for buying a ticket. Can I still book a place on the trip?


Friends & Family

My friend is a student at the University of Lincoln but they are not an international or EU student, they from the UK - can they come on the trip with me?
I want to book 2 tickets - 1 for me and 1 for a friend, but the booking system will not let me. How do I get 2 tickets for me and my friend?


I fyou have any further questions about our trips, please email and we will help you.